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Why Nexus Day Surgery Centre

What is AVN Hip?

Avascular Necrosis (AVN) is a painful condition which leads to the death of bone tissues due to lack of blood supply, the bone gradually dies & collapses leading to Severe mobility restriction & pain with disease progression.


Pain around the groin or buttocks

Stiffness of hip

Pain even at rest

Gradual increase in Intensity of Pain around hip

What Causes AVN Hip?

Doctors have reported a significant rise of about 20-30 per cent in hip surgeries in young patients post Covid-19 pandemic, noting other potential long-term consequences of the global viral infection or usage of steroid for the treatment for the disease.



Damage to blood vesselssssssss

Long-term use of medicines, such as corticosteroids

Excessive, long-term abuse of Smoking & Alcohol

Specific chronic medical conditions

like sickle cell anaemia, thalassemia , gaucher's disease

Stages of AVN Hip?

Stage 1 - Healthy

( Only Edema on MRI )

Stage 2 - Mild

( Start of Bone Degeneration leading to pain)

Stage 3 - Moderate

( Increased Bone degeneration but intact joint congruity)

Stage 4 - Severe

( Collapsed femoral head & joint anatomy disruption )

My Treatment Options

Stage 1 & 2

Intraosseous Vascular Cell therapy

Stage 3

Intraosseous Vascular Cell therapy + Core Decompression Surgery

Stage 4

Hip Replacement

Meet our Expert

Why Choose Nexus ?

We employ advanced treatment options for early-stage AVN to achieve optimal results. Using cutting-edge processing systems, we create customized vascular cell formulations capable of delivering growth factor concentrations up to 18times the baseline, with adjustable leukocyte levels.

Advantage of using Vascular Cell Based Formulations

  • It a non-surgical option
  • No scars, Minimal Pain after the procedure
  • It enhances the blood supply which helps in bone formation.
  • It can avoid surgery if treated in initial stages.

Treatment for Advanced Stages of AVN

Here at Nexus our Experienced surgeons perform Hip Replacement surgeries with Minimally Invasive Direct Anterior Approach. Unlike the traditional hip replacement surgery Direct Anterior Approach surgery has many added advantages such as:-

Smaller incisions, Shorter operative time, Minimal blood loss, Short hospital stay, Less postoperative pain, Minimal soft-tissue trauma, Less scarring, Quicker recovery, Early mobilisation, Less postoperative restrictions, Quicker return to normal activities, Lower risk of dislocation

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We're here to help.

    • Drink in moderation: One of the main risk factors for developing avascular necrosis is heavy drinking.
    • Maintain low cholesterol levels: The most frequent material obstructing blood flow to bones is tiny pieces of fat.
    • Keep an eye on steroid use.
    • Avoid smoking
  • For cost, please contact Nexus Day Surgery Centre at +91 9076050777 or put in an inquiry on our website (www. or on our social media page. This procedure is covered under cashless and reimbursement schemes for all major Private/ Government and State Health Insurance Schemes. Please contact Nexus Day Surgery Centre for more details.

  • The Vascular Cell therapy is a completely natural, nonsurgical and safe therapy that uses the patient's own cells for bone regeneration, as opposed to hip replacement, which entails surgically replacing your natural hip joint with an artificial implant (often made of metal). Depending on your conditions and its requirements, we can even alter, increase, or decrease the concentration of growth factors and regulate the concentration of other blood cells.

  • Core decompression is a surgical procedure that includes making one or more tunnels into the dead bone to decompress bone lesions due to avascular necrosis. The goal of tunnel construction is to release intraosseous pressure within the necrotic lesions Your doctor may decide to add a bone graft or a biologic formulation with core decompression surgery.