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Preparation of PRP

  • ACP Treatment uses a Double Syringe System with an innovative syringe that uses two barrels with one inserted inside the other.
  • The Double Syringe System offers complete protection from exposure to air and lowers the risk of infections from contamination.
  • Additives and anti-clogging agents aren't required.
  • This process also removes most of the red blood cells and white blood cells from the serum that can potentially interfere with the healing process.
  • The ACP system requires 15 ml of the patient's blood and yields 4 ml to 6 ml of the serum, concentrated by 2 – 3x baseline.
  • Research has proved that Autologous Conditioned Plasma contains a high concentration of growth factors that can help encourage and speed up the healing process of damaged tissue.
  • Validated in various clinical studies. Easy and safe handling. Made in Germany..

Does ACP Therapy Help Reduce Mild To Moderate Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis in the knee. It is characterized by the progressive wear of cartilage, that causes swelling, pain, and inflammation. Surgery for osteoarthritis should be used as a last resort.

Injections of Autologous Conditioned Plasma have been proven to produce positive results in Osteoarthritis of the knee.ACP therapy offers a natural, biological therapy approach involving the use of the body's own biological substances derived from your blood.

Objectives of ACP Therapy

Reconstruction of the injured tissue

Prevention of painful inflammatory processes

Improvement in mobility

Reduction of analgesics with possible side effects

*Studies have confirmed the effectiveness of ACP Therapy for painful mild to moderate osteoarthritis (grade I - III).

When Does Autologous Conditioned Plasma Therapy Works?

The success of Autologous Conditioned Plasma has been associated with the severity of osteoarthritis. ACP injections can be considered for those patients who are in the early phases of osteoarthritis of the knee (up to stage 3).

Advantages of Using Autologous Conditioned Plasma in Osteoarthritis:

  • Many of our patients who choose ACP Therapy for Osteoarthritis report an improvement in flexibility and a decrease in pain following therapeutic injections. ACP Therapy enables you to walk and move better, boosting your overall sense of well being and quality of life.
  • Autologous Conditioned Plasma can be safely used in geriatric populations with co-morbidities because of the least drug interactions, provided their blood parameters are normal. Osteoarthritis is a classic age-related disorder. It is often described as a chronic degenerative disease and thought by many to be an inevitable consequence of growing old. Unlike traditional arthritis treatments, Autologous Conditioned Plasma therapy boosts your body’s ability to heal damaged tissues and repair itself.

Are There Any Additional Uses Of Autologous Conditioned Plasma?

The benefits of ACP aren't just limited to treating arthritis. This advanced therapy can be used to treat a wide variety of chronic pain conditions, as it treats the root cause of the problem. It provides pain relief by improving blood flow and stimulating tissue repair. Patients can experience the benefits of ACP if they suffer from back pain, hip pain, sciatica, neck pain, sprains and pulled muscles and tendons.

ACP Therapy can also be used for Additional conditions like:

  • Tendonitis
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Muscle / Tendon Tears
  • Chronic Pain
  • Torn Ligaments

How Does Autologous Conditioned Plasma Commonly Known As Platelet-Rich Benefit Patients?

No Need For Surgery, Incisions.

Injury HealsFaster Vs Surgery.

Promotes Long-lasting Healing.

Save Time, Just 15-Min Procedure.

Safer Option, No Post Operation Complications

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  • Orthopedic surgeon

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is Orthobiologics?

    Orthobiologics is the term for the use of biological substances to accelerate the healing of musculoskeletal injuries. They are made from elements that are naturally present in the body and are used to speed up the recovery of broken bones as well as injured muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

  • Cortisone Steroid Injections have immediate pain relief but is primarily a temporary solution. With ACP on the other hand, it offers not only pain relief but also tissue revival to some extend and healing but has a longer healing and pain relief time.

  • ACP injection is a low-risk procedure and does not usually cause major side effects, you should drink plenty of water and eat before the procedure to avoid feeling dizzy. You can suffer some discomfort and bruising at the injection site following the treatment, which is temporary.

  • Nexus Day Surgery Centre is focused on soft tissue surgeries and procedures that can be performed on a day-stay basis, meaning the patients can have surgery and go home the same day. Our mission is to offer the most advanced and least invasive surgery, biological treatments and pain management for sports medicine injuries and arthritis in India, performed by highly skilled and internationally renowned surgeons