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Recover with the most advanced ACL Surgery with FiberTape Internal Brace Technique in India. #StayInTheGame.

Meet Our Arthroscopic & Sports Injury Specialists Surgeons

  • MS - Orthopaedics Sports Injury, Arthroscopy & ACL EXPERT
  • Orthopaedic Surgeon

  • Work Experience: 15 years

  • MS (Bom), MCh (Eng), DNB, DOrth Arthroscopy & Joint Replacement Surgery
  • Specialist in Knee & Shoulder Surgery

  • Work Experience: 30 years

  • MBBS, MS Orthopaedics, Sports Medicine & Arthroscopy, Sports Medicine & Shoulder Surgery
  • Specialist in Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy

  • Work Experience: 20 years

  • MBBS, MS - Orthopaedics, DNB, MRCS (UK)
  • FRCS - Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgery Sports Injury Specialist

  • Work Experience: 23 years

  • M.S – Orthopaedics (Gold Medalist)
  • Consultant Knee & Shoulder Surgeon, Specialist in Joint Replacement, Arthroscopy & Sports Injury

  • Work Experience: 22 years

  • MS, DNB – Orthopaedics, IOC Diploma in Sports Medicine
  • Consultant Knee Surgeon

  • Work Experience: 10 years

  • MBBS, MS Orthopaedics
  • Specialist in Sports Medicine, Arthroscopic Surgeon of Shoulder, Hip and knee.

  • Work Experience: 20 years

  • M.Ch Ortho, M.S. Ortho, FIASM, FACS.
  • Joint Replacement (TKR & THR), Arthroscopy (Knee & Shoulder), Orthopedic Trauma

  • Work Experience: 15 years

  • MS – Orthopaedics, Orthopaedic Surgeon
  • Pain & Orthobiologics Specialist

  • Work Experience: 5 years

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Who Can Benefit from Our Treatment?

If you have twisted your knees while:

  • Changing direction abruptly.
  • Landing awkwardly after jumping.
  • Stopping suddenly.
  • Colliding with someone.

If you are complaining of:

  • Abnormal Mobility in the knee joint.
  • Swelling around your knee for over 24 hours.
  • Pain & crepitus while walking.
  • Loss of strength in the leg while walking.

How do you know if you need surgery for your knee pain, ligament tear, ACL tear, Meniscus tear?

While most patients recover from our first line of treatment, which is Physical Therapy, sports rehabilitation, Auto-conditioned Plasma Therapy & Orthobiologics and Regenerative Medicine.

An ACL injury, ACL tear or other ligament tear knee or reasons for knee pain can be classified into three categories based on your MRI investigation and physical examination by Arthroscopic Sports Injury Specialist Surgeon:


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When your ACL or other ligament is sprained but not torn. If your knee is still stable, you may not need surgery in most cases. Basis your MRI and knee pain, you may recover with physiotherapy.


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When your ACL or other ligament is partially torn and the knee is slightly unstable. However, such tears are not common. Basis your MRI and knee pain, you may recover with physiotherapy and orthobiologics (auto-conditioned plasma) treatment.


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When your ACL or other ligaments are completely torn and knee is unstable. Basis your MRI investigation and Arthroscopic Sports Specialist Surgeon Consultation, physical examination. This is when you might need to undergo an ACL surgery or ACL reconstruction, or Meniscus Repair, or other ligament repair or ligament reconstruction surgery.

At Nexus Day Surgery Centre, we perform ACL repair, ACL reconstruction surgery and other ligament repair / reconstruction surgery with most advanced imaging platform Arthrex 4k Synergy system and latest surgical techniques such as All Inside Internal Brace Surgery with world class original implants of Arthrex.

Best practice is to share your MRI Scan so that we can determine the extend of the ACL injury

What if you have to undergo ACL surgery? Is it safe to undergo an ACL surgery?

This video will be an excellent demonstration as to why and how ACL patients from the world, including Top-Level Athletes, benefit from the clinically proven surgical techniques that we offer at NEXUS DAY SURGERY CENTRE, Mumbai.

Here’s why at Nexus Day Surgery Centre for ACL Tear Surgery:

  • Comprehensive Pain Management for No Pain No Inflammation.
  • Tight rope II used in this technique provides greater stability to the knee.
  • There are significantly less chances of graft failure.

Introducing Groundbreaking
InternalBrace™ Technique

The InternalBrace procedure, which has been proven to be efficacious, one can be applied in various ways throughout the knee. This augmentation helps prevent excess range of motion during the healing phase and may reduce the chances of secondary injury.
In the setting of ACL reconstruction, the InternalBrace procedure helps protect against various modes of failure including creep and irreversible stretch, traumatic tearing, and slippage of the tendon-bone interface.
The InternalBrace technique may also help protect small and vulnerable hamstring ACL reconstruction grafts from these modes of failure.

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Advantages of InternalBrace Technique

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The TightRope implant simplifies ACL reconstruction and facilitates advanced techniques such as the GraftLink® technique.

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It has shown good medium-term subjective and objective outcomes with a low complication and failure rate.

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Adjustable-loop suspension does not clinically loosen after ACL reconstruction.

All hospitals talk about state-of-the-art technology. How do you know we are credible?

This video will be an excellent demonstration as to why and how ACL patients from the world, including Top-Level Athletes benefit from the latest techniques offered at NEXUS, incl. individual graft augmentation techniques, InternalBrace

InternalBrace™ was also judged as one of the 10 Best Sports Medicine Technologies - 2017 *

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InternalBrace™ Is The Future of ACL Treatment. Here’s Why:

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