About Us

Nexus Day Surgery Centers, Mumbai – India is a Private Limited Company incorporated on 16 th Dec,2021 is a Foreign Subsidiary of Arthrex Inc. Nexus Mumbai is the first ever healthcare facility of Arthrex.

Nexus Day Surgery Centre is focused on soft tissue arthroscopic surgeries of knee, shoulder, hand & wrist, elbow, MIS foot and ankle procedures that can be performed on a 1 to 2 days admission basis, meaning the patients can have surgery and go home either the same day or within 24 hours.

Our mission is to offer the most advanced and minimally invasive arthroscopic surgeries, ultrasound guided ortho-biological treatments and pain management for sports medicine injuries and arthritis in India, performed by highly skilled and internationally renowned surgeons.

Nexus Day Surgery Centre is located on the ground floor of Siroya Centre, next to Hilton Hotel, in the lane of ITC Maratha Hotel, off Sahar International Airport Road, Ashok Nagar, Andheri East – Mumbai. The facility is 8,500 square feet with:

Two state-of-the-art major operating theatres built with medical grade corian material.

Two minor operating theatres (Nano Theatres).

A dedicated biologics preparation unit.

Three out patient consultation rooms.

A suite room for VIP patients.

Five high-dependency ICU beds, and an in-house central sterile services department.

One of the biggest benefits the Nexus Day Surgery Centre has for patients is its proximity to Mumbai international airport, rail and road connectivity and an affordable variety of hotel accommodations for patient attendants.

World-renowned arthroscopic sports injury surgeons practice at Nexus, ensuring the highest levels of patient care and surgical outcomes.

Nexus started its clinical operations in December 2022 and has extended its services to hundreds of patients delivering Out Patient Consultations, surgeries including All inside ACL reconstructions, Meniscus Repair, Bankart Repairs and MIS foot & ankle surgery. The first MIS bunionectomies in India have been performed at Nexus by the leading foot and ankle specialist in India utilising the nanoscope.

In addition to the above many minor surgical procedures, ACP injections, pain management procedures and physiotherapy rehabilitation services have been performed at the centre.

The Nexus Day Surgery Centre is supported by qualified, experienced and well-trained clinical staff and visiting renowned Indian arthroscopic surgeons.

Nexus is the first hospital in India to perform Minimally Invasive Foot & Ankle Surgery. Nexus also offers ultrasound-guided ACP and interventional muscular skeletal USG & RF procedures. Nexus aims to constitute an ethics committee for clinical research initiatives.

Nexus’s core values and services are based on integrity and trust. Its fixed, transparent and inclusive treatment packages ensure its patients have access to affordable and accessible advanced healthcare services on par with international health services in sports medicine.  The benefit of this world-class centre will benefit surgeons in helping them treat their patients better.


The Nexus Day Surgery Centre offers the most advanced and least invasive surgery and biologic treatments for sports injuries and arthritis in India.


Revolutionize the landscape and healthcare delivery of Sports Medicine and Biological treatment in India.